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I'm an author, a stand-up poet and a podcaster. My debut novel, THE HONOURS, is published by Canongate. I also wrote a memoir about writing called WE CAN'T ALL BE ASTRONAUTS, and a poetry collection called PUB STUNTMAN. I present a podcast for writers called DEATH OF 1000 CUTS, which includes a free 8 week writing course, the COUCH TO 80K WRITING BOOT CAMP.

Tim Clare
Hello you! I make stories and poetry shows and podcasts helping other people to make stories and doing all that, recording things and hosting it online costs me quite a bit. I love doing it but I am absolutely skint from doing it too - especially now I'm a dad, and so much of my time and money goes into taking care of the sweet one. (she's amazing)

I've found when I ask people to chuck a lil bit into the hat if they like what I do that folk are ridiculously generous, so I'm taking the plunge and saying - if you like what I do, if it's made a difference to you, if you think art and stories and free support for writers are things we should have more of in this world, and if you'd like me to keep going, I'd be ridiculously grateful if you could bung me a few quid to help me out.

That's it. That's the pitch. Thank you.

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