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Thank you for checking out our Ko-Fi page! Odds are, you've found this page through one of our audio drama podcasts: 'The Tower', 'Middle:Below' or 'The Dungeon Economic Model'. That's more or less why we're here: to tell weird stories with weird audio. We are a Scottish audio production house run by writer, audio producer and musician David Devereux. Our current roster of shows includes 'The Tower': an experimental audio fiction concept album, and 'The Dungeon Economic Model': a fantasy comedy series about moving your town to a Dungeon-based economic system. We also stream on Twitch twice a week! Where we play video games as well as make music live on stream. Listener support helps us cover time off work, travel and food, as well as hosting costs, review aggregates and website costs. It also allows us to fund the weirder ideas we have that perhaps wouldn't quite work as a funding application/network pitch.

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