I strive to be transparent with everything I do at WaitingForTesla, starting from how I get the data, how it's processed, challenges I run into and how we overcome them and so on. I started this off from my home machine and have since migrated it over to the cloud to support the new features and avoid its dependence on my internet & power. We had a few outages and it hurt to see our community wait while things got back to normal - everyone was super nice about it, but hey, if we can avoid that in the future, why not? Here's a breakdown of costs that I can think of that we incur on a regular basis: ・Google Cloud & AWS — Hosting, Serverless API for, Cloud Storage, Database, Serverless Triggers for Database, AWS Lambda & SQS for Twitter Bot: ~ $140 estimated for June 2023 ・Proxy Servers - unfortunately, we had to sign up for a usage-based proxy server to allow for uninterrupted inventory hunting - $75 / month ・DigitalOcean => Cloud Servers (VM) to run the bots: $5 x 5 = $25/month ・Discord => Bots & Server Boost: $30/month ・Time => Priceless Hope that helps understand the costs behind running these bots, the site and our amazing community!

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