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Oh, hi! 👋🏼 My name is Michael Donahoe. And your name is Awesome. OK, that's a lie. But this is a fact: You really are awesome. Because right now, you're helping me live my dream! Y'see, back in 2017, I left my life back home in San Francisco to move to Tokyo, Japan to start this: • 🗼Tokyo Kawaii Club: My online shop and subscription business dedicated to personally finding and sending fine folks like yourself the coolest, cutest, and tastiest Tokyo Disney goodies straight from Japan. And for a while, things were pretty great! But then COVID hit (ugh!). Have you heard of it? If you're a customer of mine (or a liver of life), then the answer is undoubtedly, "Uh, duh!" Because for the past 2+ years, my business has been plagued with a bunch of sucky setbacks like shipping restrictions (sorry, Canada!), shipment price increases, and global supply issues affecting everything I sell on my shop. Totes fun times! Just minus the fun – lol. But that's where you (may?) come in! Your support can help me keep my business boat afloat while we (impatiently) wait for COVID to end (seriously, just end already!). So, in the meantime, I've decided to start this page to give y'all some perks I think you'll dig: • 🧸 Presale Shop: All joining and persisting patrons joins will get access to an exclusive presale section of my shop where they can get first dibs on both new (and returning!) items before I open them up to everyone else. • 💸 Store Discounts: All joining and persisting supporters to the $5 or $10 tiers will get a permanent 5% or 10% discount on my shop. • 💌 Community Discord Server: All joining and persisting supporters will get access to my private Discord server, where they can chat it up with fellow Tokyo Kawaii Club members. That's it! Thanks again. Remember: YOU. ARE. AWESOME. P.S. If you're curious why I decided to uproot my life to live a wacky life here in Japan, check out my personal blog Nihon Nerd (

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