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Hello friends! I’m a freelance artist who mainly scribbles stupid Tales of Zestiria fanart, but I like other JRPGs, too, and like to participate in zines; I also paint animals I guess.

Franziska Wenzel
I’m glad you found me! Every little coffee (cocoa?) brings me a little step closer to the noble goal of making a living out of things I’m actually good at and enjoy! Or just… making a living in general. I don’t generally take requests, but feel free to message me and drop me hints what you want to see! I’m also almost always open for commissions, just reach out to me. IMPORTANT NOTE: please don't follow on Ko-Fi for the art, I post it basically everywhere else. How did you even find me without social media. (I’m most active on Patreon if you count that, and of course Twitter, tumblr and Pillowfort!)

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