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The dog jumped on my tablet. It still works, but has a deep groove in it and the back keeps falling off. I'll have to get a replacement sooner or later, because... yikes!


Hiiii~ I'm Jenn, also known as TragicFangirl, an artist, writer, blogger and general creative person who likes drawing both fan art and personal characters. I work closely with other artists in the forms of collaboration on images and doing art-trades, so if this interests you please don't hesitate to get in touch. Your support means the world and more to me. Thank you

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TragicFangirl (Not her real name!) is an anthropomorphic, fantasy and sci-fi artist. Working with pencil sketches and digital transformations, adding a cute and cartoony flair to pretty much everything she touches! All money raised from donations gets put back into her artwork be it in the means of supplies or courses to improve her learning and development.

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