Hi there! Welcome to the ~official~ TranquilFrog Ko-fi! This platform allows you to support me in a myriad of ways; whether you’re feeling up for a one-time little donation, a monthly contribution toward my current goal, a commission, a shop item, or just hanging around, or maybe even a membership, I’ve got lots to offer! I try to come out with new products as often as possible, so what you see here will fluctuate and change! I’m always taking requests, be it for new items or repeats, so go DM me on Instagram and I’ll see what I can do! All proceeds from my Ko-Fi go directly toward things that help me make my dream of becoming an full-time artist a reality. This includes things such as: >buying materials, supplies, and postage >allowing me to donate more of my funds as I’m able >funds to supplement a day’s income so I can take a day off work to make art It also will include going toward my personal savings to help me pay for things like rent and groceries so that I can, you know, live and eat as an artist. I’m trying to not take the term “starving artist” too seriously... No matter what, you have my eternal gratefulness and my whole heart just for checking out my art. I can’t wait to share more with you! <3 Ollie

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