O.K. Stevens
Before I share my story, please note that the majority of search results for "top surgery" on GoFundMe are that of white trans individuals like myself.  I encourage GoFundMe, as well as my fellow white queer/trans individuals, to use their platform to boost QTBIPoC funds. Let us do continuous work to be actively anti-racist, and be white accomplices, including in queer circles. Ongoing fundraisers to check out include a safe housing fund for Thesan Pollyanna, a Black trans woman in NYC; a mobility aid fundraiser for Sammi Rose, a disabled trans Indigenous woman; and the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund . Stolen land: My procedure and recovery will take place on the stolen land of the Anishnaabeg indigenous peoples, including the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi. Tribes local to my area include the Gaaching Ziibi Daawaa Anishinaabe (Little River Band of Ottawa Indians) and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe . Please use these resources to continually educate yourself on the stolen land you occupy. My story: Hi everyone! My name is Ollie. I'm a queer nonbinary artist from Michigan, and I'm fundraising in support of my upcoming top surgery. My biggest source of dysphoria is, and always has been, my chest. After a long process, I am pleased to report that I will be getting chest masculinizing top surgery with Dr. Edwin Wilkins at University of Michigan. This will help alleviate the debilitating gender dysphoria I experience on a daily basis. The surgery is major and has a long recovery period, but to me, it is all worth it for the chance to feel comfortable in my own skin. Your support: All donations made will go directly toward helping me with paying for the procedure itself, as well as helping me pay for necessary medical expenses, pharmacy costs, gas, and recovery. If you'd prefer a different way to donate, you can purchase a product from my shop or commission me at www.tranquilfrog.com . Alternatively, send me something from my Amazon wishlist at https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3MBV1EQC49QAT?ref_=wl_share . My art has been an important part of coping and navigating dysphoria and queerness, so it is vital to me to share my art with those who are helping me, so keep an eye out for a message of gratitude from me that includes a way for me to give back. Note that these are technically optional but always available - following your donation, you'll be sent a message from me via GoFundMe with a link to a Google form  My date is officially scheduled on 7/22/22. My 22nd birthday will fall about a week post-op, and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate in my new body. Between now and then, I hope to hit this goal! Thank you for your help and support <3 Please remember to share, too!

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