Emma and/or her Podcast Guests

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading through this far. I have joined Ko-fi as a way for you to express your love and appreciation for what I am doing as a podcaster - and more intermittently as a writer through social media - in coffee! Who doesn't enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or chilled drink when they are working? At the end of each podcast walk and talk, I can, where possible, buy my guest a coffee or tea and sometimes they buy me one but it would be fantastic to receive a coffee through you. For every donation, I'll be giving you a shoutout on my podcast show too as a public thank you for supporting me. Of course I'll only be saying first names to protect your privacy but you'll know who you are. I am sure my podcast guests will love this too. So why not be the first! My partner Stephen Marriott and I are taking to the road with our lovely converted van we've named Rhoswyn. Initially we are off to Scotland and then later in the Autumn hopefully heading to the European continent. Lots of exciting opportunities to podcast walk and talk with many as we are travelling through... I hope you'll stay with us and tune in. You can follow us on Instagram @ontheroadwithrhoswyn Have a great season wherever you are in the world. Happy listening, happy travelling, happy coffee drinking! Emma x

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