TR Fight Stick

Thanks for checking out my Ko-Fi Page. If you are here, you probably know that I have a passion for everything related to Arcade Games. I have successfully brought many projects to life to preserve or improve our beloved games and arcade cabinets. All of the projects so far were developed with my own money - until they were ready to be consumed by the retro game community. Often times I barely break even and I mostly lose money on the products- this is not a profit driven endeavor to say the least! In March of 2022 after having completed the reproduction of 90 Mini Cute Candy Cabs- ( The arcade community in my discord group decided that I should try to reproduce the a cabinet, a cabinet similar and size like the Mini Cute. However, this cabinet is significantly more complicated to reproduce because of the number of plastic parts that are found in the cabinet. The Mini Cute was mainly a metal cabinet, easier to form and work with metal, as opposed to the plastic parts in the cabinet that require injection molds. These costs of the molds are extremely expensive - which means to make this project even remotely feasible we would need to have a mass-produced product that could sell thousands of units. The current idea is to produce 2 different prototypes and seek licensing from the company in order to have an official licensed product. I have been in touch with the company and they have expressed interest in the project but before moving forward with a licensing agreement they requested a working prototype. Now...I must ask for the community's help. In order to create a proper prototype unit I will need to spend an enormous amount of time and money. The initial estimate I will need is a minimum of $20,000 USD. This money will be used to create two prototype units. Donations will be used to create METAL Emboss Mold and 3D Print parts. I am asking for donations from the community of arcade and retro game enthusiasts to help me bring this project to life. If you are even remotely excited about the possibility of this project coming to life and can spare a donation to help build the prototypes – please donate. I can only take it one step at a time, and I have already done a lot of work to get here. I need help from the community in the form of cash donations to take this project to the next step: Building the prototype. This Project is a secret for now. The Supporters will get a special Discord invite to access private "Channel" to see the updates about of this project. ------------------------- I now more than ever will be counting on the support from everybody who has expressed there willingness to chip in on this! I have created a donor-exclusive channel on my Discord where I will bring the supporters in on the journey of building the prototype. My goal is to ensure you are able to watch your contribution at work! Any donation of $5 or more, one-time or monthly, gets you into the channel. **Disclaimer: Please be mindful that your financial contribution is 100% a DONATION and I cannot offer anything in return for it, now or in the future. We do this for the dream and love of arcades! ------------------------- NOTE: This is not a Pre-order or Interest check situation. We just need your help to create first prototypes and try to be a part of big thing. If we reach to our goal, then we can talk about the details. No need to talk about CRT or LCD screens or market price for now :) Thanks for your understanding and your support.

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