Trump File

I believe it's important to have a public timeline of events related to what others and myself call "the Trump crime cult." A chronological telling of events available for journalists, for investigators, for any interested reader, and for future deprogrammed Trump supporters needing to educate themselves on the past four years. Cool idea, right? Trump File is a new website that's doing just that: documenting the life and crimes of Donald J. Trump, his family, his administration, and his co-conspirators. Unlike a news site or blog, I'm "filing" these events by the date they occurred. (It also works as a sort of "Trump crimes" search engine, so that's cool!) There's a lot that people don't know, and Trump brought a new level of crime to every level of our government. I have to document everything: the entire life and crimes of the Trump crime cult. It takes a lot of time to add everything to the site, a lot of money to keep it up and running, and a lot of energy to keep me going. You can help by buying me a coffee! I really appreciate it.

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