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Need some upgrades like webcam, speakers, keyboard, monitor, and few subscription services (ProtonMail/VPN, Audible, Blinkist, CuriosityStream). My personality type #NewYearResolutions: 1. #Architect (#INTJ): Volunteer 2. #Advocate (#INFJ): Something impossible 🗻 3. #Mediator (#INTP): Simplify ! 4. #Logician (#INFP): Keep a journal 📒 - Reading & listening ~200 books from Blinkist, Audible. - Launching by end of summer - Secure, decentralized & everlasting InterPlanetary storage.


Software Engineer for a decade, with a passion to minimalism and music. Delivering delightful digital solutions, marketing, and consultancy. Actively using Web technologies to create delightful digital experiences for the Web, Desktop, Mobile and the Terminal. I'm helping other developers to build amazing software, apps, and products by making better and smarter developer experiences. I'm writing daily a lot of Free and Open Source software, contributing to other projects, tweeting about interesting ones or some of my thoughts.

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