Hi , This is the KO-FI page for Tyme Valentine. At this moment, THIS KO-FI page is OFFLINE. I am not accepting donations or commissions at this time, and the ability to even do so SHOULD be turned OFF. If it is NOT TURNED OFF , please save us both the issue, and DO NOT DONATE TO THIS KO-FI at this current time. . If you have the urge to donate, or have questions to the nature of why I have stopped accepting donations at this time, please visit my twitter under the name " Tyme_Valentine " , or from there join my Discord , in which you can ask me in either location. I would be more than happy to talk. Just don't be rude. . I do plan to re-open this one day , so stay tuned till then ya? And sorry for the hassle this may or may not bring. Till then, ya . ^ _^ . . . .

Tyme Valentine
Ello ~ ! Thank you for your support ! If you like my artwork, feel free to visit my main TWITTER page, where you can find most of my work... as well as contact me if required ! I hope we can make beautiful art together sometime. ^ _^ .

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