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Hi, my name is Adam. Growing up in the 80s I enjoyed watching movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Goonies. I’ve always wanted to experience an adventure similar to one of my heroes, and that got me thinking. Why not? Why couldn’t I have an adventure like one of my favorite characters, learn some local history, and maybe even find an artifact or some treasure along the way? Maybe I couldn’t, but I could definitely create them for other people. From this, the idea for Uncharted Lancaster was born. The elevator pitch sounds like this: National Treasure meets letterboxing meets Lancaster County history.

Uncharted Lancaster
If you enjoy Uncharted Lancaster, you may want to consider sponsoring an upcoming adventure or helping to continue the current ones. Here's a list of various items most adventures and side quests utilize: Can of Spray Paint. $4.99 1 kg Spool of 3D Printer filament: $19.99 Water resistant plastic carrying case: $29.99

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