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Hey music lover or artist! In case you're wondering how we will be using Ko-Fi here are the things you should know about us: 1. Our blog is ad-free to give music lovers a great space to meet new artists and find music they may enjoy. 2. Our focus is always the music and emerging artists with small fan bases. This means when we go searching for new music you'll probably hear music you've never heard before. We wanna be the spot that does that! 3. We love ALMOST all music. You'll find Pop, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock, Pop-Punk, Po-Punk, R&B, Alternative and Electro-Pop music on our site. 4. Not only are we featuring great artists on our blog but we also curate great playlists. You can check those out here: https://www.unseenplays.us/spotify-playlists/ Long story short, we plan to do a lot of music discoveries and if you're here for the music we ask you support us in any way possible so that we can do this. How to support? 1. Well, first, you can just re-share our blog URL, reviews or interviews you like. That is totally free to do and a great way to help. Another thing you can do is listen to our playlists and give it a heart if you enjoy what we put out. 2. You can support us by providing caffeine for the day! A cup of coffee will help us with our music hunting adventures. 3. You can give any other amount on monthly basis! or add to our quarterly ad bucket to boost our Instagram posts for the artists we include. We hope to run this blog for as long as we can but we know we can't do this alone! Thank you so much for reading this.-UP

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