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Victoria Audley
Hi! I'm Victoria Audley and I write fairytales, ghost stories, and stories inspired by folklore and mythology. I've loved folklore and myth ever since I was a child and I've spent my whole life studying them. I love the way these stories connect people through hundreds and thousands of years, how we keep telling the same stories with new twists, and how we keep taking old things and making them new again. On my Ko-fi I share the stories I write, but I also do a lot of talking about the history of fairytales and folklore, what these stories mean and have meant, and how new interpretations reflect the world we live in and our hopes for the future. My goal is to share what I've learned and encourage people to keep loving these stories and keep coming back to them, because I think it's so important that we keep dreaming and keep hope alive. I'll also be sharing some behind the scenes content, holding Q&As, and hopefully more as my Ko-fi grows. Any support you give unlocks all supporters-only content, as well as an invite to my supporter-exclusive Discord server! I'm excited to have you here and so grateful for your support. Thanks for stopping by!

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