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I'm about to enter the world of self-publishing, and naturally, I need an editor. Editors are really expensive, especially for a low-income marginalised creator like myself. Every little helps!


Hi, my name is Viano and I was born and raised in Nigeria. I've been writing practically since I could hold a pencil, and it takes up 50% of how I occupy my time. 40% is taken up by reading and the other 10% goes to listening to BTS. I know right, how on earth do I get anything done? Magic, I tell ya, pure magic. I write (99.9% of the time disgustingly-cheesy) stories filled with LGBT+ and POC characters with all the intersections out and in-between. If you love (most of) your Happily Ever Afters sprinkled with a little (or a lot of) magic, then you've come to the right place!


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