Vick Horsley Ceramics

Hi Sighthound/Ceramics- loving people! I started this page to help me take pre-orders for my hounds without all the time and paper admin that traditional waiting lists involve. Unfortunately I’ve now got so many pre-orders that I’m having to close pre-orders until at least April 2024. Please note that, when available, I'm not offering commissions in the traditional sense, but rather the chance to pre-order one of my stylised ceramic hounds in the colour of your choice taken from the options in the gallery. Please check the gallery before signing up to avoid disappointment. From your photos I can roughly pattern-match your dog's coat (e.g. where white bits or black masks should be) but not colour-match - it's just not possible with the glazes I use. You’ll need to sign up to the Super Sighthound Supporter membership to access these pre-order slots for £1 a month but you can cancel any time. Unfortunately Ko-fi doesn’t allow free memberships or commissions so they’ve been set to the minimum amount possible. Although I’ve had to stop taking pre-orders for some time, if you keep an eye out on my Ko-fi posts I'll give you a heads-up if new items are in my website shop before I post anywhere else. I’m also hoping to offer downloadable freebies to members, once I’ve worked out how to do it, and will of course keep you up to date with progress, news and new designs.

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