Hello, Welcome to my Thai tea shop. Here is what you can expect from this page, - INTRODUCING FUN LIST: I Will creates artworks that are not on my MAINLIST (MAINLIST = OnePiece - Naruto - Bleach - Demon Slayer - My Hero Aca Black Clover, I might miss out some series) it will look like the 6fanart type which you guys able to participate in voting every volume on my IG story. Even though we dont tackle the Mainlist, but we still can do fun ideas with like gender-bend version for them. This creates a huge opportunity to widen the varieties of characters that I could draw. - TWITCH Integration 6Fanart series will coexist with my TWITCH stream where you can watch me paint the character AN ART FOR A CUP OF TEA All Artwork inside my gallery is free with a mini watermark. But if you want to get the HIGHER resolution you can get it with just a cup of tea. If you enjoy my content consider supporting especially in this trying time. It will help me with my financial state and a pat on the back to encourage me to make more, cus yall got my back Just $2, to treat me a cup of Golden Imperial Thai tea. TERM & CONDITION - Please do not sell my work. - FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY Thank you everyone

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