It started with some sensational flapjacks... I recently supported a refugee welcoming group local to me. They are completely volunteer led, and had lost a few key members through lockdowns. I knew that I could help get some volunteer roles together, set up a mailing list and link it to a website - and I knew that this would take them to another level where some more magic would happen, because I know the power of a good role description! So I offered this for free. When I popped over to the coordinators' house to make a plan, I was met with a tin of flapjacks. They were SENSATIONAL flapjacks. Really. Sensational. Flaptastic. And as I made my way home, belly happy, I thought about how lovely this transaction had been! And how important a good flapjack is when you're doing stuff you believe in for free. In Calais, they were called 'london cakes' by those being fed daily at Refugee Community Kitchen: They got the volunteers of High Street ADVENTURES through the cold evening with cheer... ...And have you ver opened a big box of still-warm oaty treats halfway through a street demo? That box gets pounced on! I thought about the many organisations that I'd be able to help, with just a few hours work, if I could get you people to help me. The virtual equivalent of those lovely flapjacks. Support me to support small organisations that can't afford high quality strategic support in any other way. If you are an individual you can: *Donate a small amount and show your support *Purchase an hour or more for an organisation you know, or any organisation If you are a volunteer - led, or small group, organisation or campaign: *Register your interest here and I'll let you know when things get going! OR *Become a member and get: Two live Q+As a month (plus the opportunity to have your own Q+A session on a topic of your choice) A vault of templates - questions to ask when people start, leave, role descriptions, induction checklists... Case study videos and audios - what did they do and how can you learn from them? I've been supporting volunteer, organisations and activists for - wow, over 20 years now. Can this be true?! Here's some stuff I've made happen. Drop me a message with any questions!

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