Hi my name is James and I am building www.voxodyssey.com. Basically and simply this page will help keep adverts off the website. I just love to make websites and art, if people wish to contribute to the idea they can. But the focus of the project is more to learn and expand ideas. To learn from the past and build to the future. I did have grand aspirations to make something similar to itch.io however I do require a larger team and more developers to do this. When starting this website I did ask people to pay for us to advertise on social media for them. It worked pretty well with over 150 individuals contributing and supporting but a monthly fee in the current environment seams unfair so I turned it off. I do not want to add advertisements to the website it is possible to add it to every page but I would rather just keep the information clean. If people want to contribute they can do so here. I want the website to be free, and allow people to slowly make up their own minds on what they want to do with out placing pressure on them to do so. All the funds that I have made do and will go back into expansion and I will try to outline where and how the spend works. I have made a content management system that does allow people to manage their own content if they wish to do so. I am also working on a shop and have other plans I will try to outline. A monthly dev log can do this I, I just want people to enjoy the website and see how amazing and creative people are on the small planet we call earth. Kindly James

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