I set up the website because I think that I can help new and established Game Developers and Artists see what others are doing in this field. By respecting the past and building to the future. I was not able to find anything online that clearly lists all past and present titles so decided to give it a go and make this myself, there are over 480 titles now and the list keeps growing. I am currently listing out the Atari 2600 titles and will move slowly through the massive list of other consoles and titles as I can. To keep up motivation I also list New games, I do create stand alone pages for games that give me review codes and design a nicer full page around this. I'm working though sorting titles into their specific platforms as I reach these areas. I strongly believe game development and the art should be respected at any level they are made. So I try to keep biased thinking away from the website by not allowing reviews, and keeping to the facts. Do what works best for you I am just here to help where I can but take a look at www.voxodyssey.com/how-it-works this is a simple guide and I am open to negotiate around some things. This is a project of care and it aims to keep things uniform, while respecting your own individual take on the art of creating games, it is working pretty well and I hope you come along for the adventure. Kindly James

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