Hello and welcome to my page! I've been a book blogger over at since 2015 and I regularly post book reviews, book recommendations, and other book-related stuff. I also run a research blog,, which you can check out if you're interested in reading about my PhD research. Genres I'll definitely read: 📚 Classics - not technically a genre but I'll read any classic offered to me. 📚 Science fiction / Speculative fiction 📚 Fantasy 📚 Thriller 📚 Crime & Mystery - especially golden age detective novels 📚 Horror 📚 Gothic - fits with horror but I'll also read Gothic terror 📚 Weird or new weird fiction 📚 Adventure Genres I'll consider: 📚 Historical fiction 📚 Non-fiction Everyone who subscribes to a membership tier will be provided with a link to my ever-growing TBR spreadsheet.

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