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Watson Tunez
Welcome to the Inner Circle! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my inner circle. You are very special to me because you are taking the time to read this and considering supporting me in my music endeavors. If you're new, let me introduce myself so we can get better acquainted! My name is Watson George, but I’m known as Watson Tunez. I'm a Haitian-American songwriter, philanthropist, and Hip-hop/R&B recording artist. I am the founder of a non-profit organization, called Beyond Me Initiative. We are bringing education, technology, and entrepreneurship opportunities to developing communities in Haiti. When I decided to get into music, I wanted to provide songs that are uplifting, cheery, real but encouraging for you. The tunes are easy-to-listen-to, infusing elements of R&B, Pop, spoken word, and Rap. To put it simply, I call it Progressive Pop-Rap. You’ll find lots of poetry, melody, and modern-day hip-hop beats. I want to take you on a soulful journey where you can find restoration and healing from mental and emotional challenges. I just recently dropped a debut album, called “Long Way To Go” on Dec. 3rd 2021. I am super excited about this project because I finally feel confident enough to share my talent with the world. This IS A HUGE Step for me. Some friends and I formed Beyond Me Entertainment, an independent digital record label in 2012 to promote our music. “Long Way To Go” is really our official studio album. It is a soundtrack and anthem for anyone who is on a journey of learning to live beyond themselves. Through these songs, one can find the inner strength to keep going in the midst of life's difficulties. "Long Way To Go" really speaks on the struggle for humanity to reach its full potential. Artistically speaking, I am still trying to develop my skills as an artist to. Delivering to your he highest and most authentic music that I can possibly can is my goal. This album is my first step on the road to becoming a better hip-hop recording artist and finding my niche. This album has so many personal songs in it. From sharing my personal struggles with faith, loneliness, being adopted and feeling like a misfit in the world, my goal is to connect with you and give you music that helps you keep going during the good, bad, and ugly. Life doesn't slow down for anyone, even when we want it to. No matter what it brings, it’s my hope that these dreams help you get through it. We have to keep climbing  past the mountains of doubt, fear, hopelessness, and depression.   The album's main track, "Long Way To Go", speaks on trying to help rebuild communities and see restoration in people's lives. This was inspired by me forming my own, non-profit, Beyond Me Initiative (BMI) in 2015, which would be the counterpart of Beyond Me Entertainment. On this musical journey, I wanted to stir your appetite towards humanitarian causes, social justice, restoration, and healing.  "Long Way To Go" is an experience that you will not want to miss. As you listen to these songs, it will uplift you, give you encouragement,  positivity, and inspiration when you feel like calling the quits. Stream “Long Way To Go” and let me know what you think!

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