Hello Autastic community! Some of you have suggested that I set up this Ko-Fi page to help fund the work I do for you, the global community of late-identified autistic adults. Thank you for caring about what autastic.com means in our lives. 🙏🏽 Since I founded Autastic.com in 2018, it's been me, with my laptop, building resources and community for people like me whose lives flipped upside down decades in. Now there are thousands of you, coming together in our communities to support each other, share resources, and prove that autistic life can be whatever we make it. I hope you'll join me in supporting those who are new to their autistic selves. If you remember what that time was like, you know how much a warm welcome and a little useful information can mean. I spend hours each and every day making that happen. Your donations go towards hard costs such as hosting fees, platform fees, software fees, and essential equipment as well as to supporting me, the founder, writer, editor, designer, coder, community facilitator, moderator, promoter, advocate, and friend. If you're in a position to give, I thank you for your support.

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