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I'm a digital illustrator working in the furry community. I hope one day to get enough support via Patreon and Twitch to go full time Artist. Tips here will also help go towards that funding!

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Werepuppy Creations
Welcome to my Ko-fi page, any tips will go towards bills, food, and general living costs so I can work towards becoming a full time Artist. I already have a Patreon set up, but I figured this would be a good option for those who want to support without it being a re-occurring monthly thing. I currently work part time in a retail job, and work on artwork in my spare time; be it Patreon rewards, commissions, or personal projects, but I do not have the time or energy to be able to live entirely off commissions, which is why I set up Patreon in the first place. This allows me to have a monthly wage, and takes the pressure off trying to find commissions every month, whilst also giving me a constant supply of artwork to work on. I also stream on Twitch, which is the primary way that non-patrons can get a glimpse at my artwork before it gets uploaded with watermarks across it. I already have a tip button there for in-stream tips and I am currently working towards getting affiliate so that people can also cheer with bits as another form of tips. You can also find me on twitter; And on Facebook; I'm hoping that with Ko-fi, this could also add to my income, and be a way for those that enjoy my work to show their support. I'm not expecting much, if anything, but anything you can spare would be GREATLY appreciated <3 Also, be sure to check the gallery, I will keep that updated as I keep drawing. Love you all! <3 Werepuppy Creations.

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