Frankie Blooding

I successfully published October Eclipse and now it's on to the next project! Shane and I met with Jeff Brown, an amazing book cover artist. In less than half an hour, that man was able to listen to Shane and I ramble about our book, and had created an initial concept that is exciting and inspiring!! However, this mad genius costs a bit more than we usually spend. Shane and I have a plan to ensure the Asho'a Legacy takes off and is successful. So, we're not rushing it, we're getting a phenomenal cover, and we're making sure the story is solid! As we're continuing to focus on bringing the Kickstarter to fruition, we're pulling away temporarily on the sci-fi project, editing like mad people on the Whiskey Witches... And I'm writing Dream Lord Wars. It's the place I go to when things are crazy and I'm writing this by myself, which means I'm the only thing that will hold up new posts. So, with that in mind, I'll be sharing the new chapters of Dream Lord Wars as they're written. My hope is that this generates enough income to help pay for the cover to our super amazing sci-fi. And! You can help me write Dream Lord Wars!

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