Wild Magic Designs
Welcome to Wild Magic Designs' tip jar. If you like what I do, but you're not interested in a monthly membership or you don't find any files you would like to purchase, buying me a coffee is a great way to support what I do. All earnings go toward supplementing my income so I can do this full-time. What is 'this', exactly? I collect, scan, and edit vintage graphics and photographs, which I then offer for sale and/or download on my websites. I also make the occasional printable, such as: papers, stickers, scrapbooking pages, bookmarks, worksheets, and much more. Unfortunately, I'm not yet able to make this my full-time job. My hope is to one day be able to make a living with Wild Magic Designs. Where to Find Me wildmagicdesigns.ca - free image offerings on a weekly basis members.wildmagicdesigns.ca - access my collection, including printables and templates, for $9.99 CAD per month twitter.com/melscreeches - keep up with what I'm doing patreon.com/melscreeches - my writing patreon

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