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I create cool vidya, translate stuff, uncover secrets and I also want to preserve weird obscure nerd content. (with your help!)

I am making my content freely available to any curious and discerning Sonic fans who want to learn more about the less traveled roads of the franchise. I'd never want to put anything I create behind a paywall, so any and all your donations will entirely go towards: - Obtaining more rare and obscure Sonic and non-Sonic content to preserve and translate, be it DVDs, CDs, or otherwise. A lot of this stuff is not cheap and a good chunk of the funding for it so far has come entirely from my pocket. - Obtaining more large hard drives to hold my many terabytes of high quality Sonic footage for high quality vids. I currently only own a single 1TB external hard drive, which could stop working one of these days. - My very own Eggmanland. - Whatever my current fundraiser is aiming for. Home video and soundtrack CD acquisitions will usually be uploaded to my Nyaa page, to give you an idea of what exactly you're getting in return. In addition, you can comment on how many times the characters said "nani" in my videos and I won't be annoyed, and it will raise your happy charitable spirit. Thanks in advance!

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