Winter Simpson
👋🏻 Hello! I'm Winter, a writer in Ireland on the cusp of gen x and millennial, navigating the apocalypse with creative abandon. 📚 The mainstream self-publishing industry doesn't align with my creative values, so I'm much happier focusing my time and energy on writing stories and connecting with communities of writers and readers than trying to fit into a box that isn't the right shape for me. 📖 Instead of selling my books for an up-front payment, I offer them as completely free downloads on my website,, with the option for readers to send me a tip if they would like to and can afford to. 💻 If you enjoy my books, my daily microfiction on Twitter, or my work-in-progress excerpts, updates, and writing community encouragement on Tumblr, this Ko-fi page is the perfect place to offer support. ☕ I've set the price of a coffee nice and low at only £2. While every tip is appreciated, if you'd prefer to send more you can change the number of coffees or type any money amount into the box. You can even set your tip to recur monthly, if you like (and cancel at any time, of course!) 💕 I know my approach is unusual in a world of hustle, grind, and aggressive marketing, so I adore you for being here and for supporting an independent author walking an unconventional path.

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