Winter Simpson
📝 Some of my writing features themes around 'fictional violence' so Ko-fi requires that I put a Not Safe For Work tag on my page. I do not create sexually explicit content. Not a genital in sight here, folks. 📚 I’m passionate about telling stories with unconventional styles, experimental structures and memorable character voices. I love studying the craft of writing fiction, and absorbing art and entertainment media that inspires and challenges me, as I explore the possibilities of an ever-evolving creative process. 🌈 I write a lot of LGBT+ characters so it feels relevant to say that I'm an LGBT+ character too. I know that might not matter to my readers, but it matters to me and it impacts my creative perspective as well as my perspective on life in general. 💻 My books can be downloaded free as EPUBs and PDFs from and aren't available anywhere else, so if you enjoy what I write and would like to support me as a creator, this is the perfect place to do it. ☕ I've set the price of a coffee nice and low at only £2. While every tip is appreciated, if you'd prefer to send more you can change the number of coffees or type any money amount into the box. You can even set your tip to recur monthly, if you like (and cancel at any time, of course!) 📱 Excerpts from works in progress, community vibes and writing-related stuff live on Tumblr. I'm winterandwords there too. Come and say hi!

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