Winter Simpson
💕 I'm passionate about telling stories with unconventional styles, experimental structures and memorable character voices. My work is inspired by city streets and stormy seas, scars and synchronicity, synesthesia and l’appel du vide. 📖 I write dark, emotionally intense novels about queer disaster-people who collide against a backdrop of moral bankruptcy and surf the downward spiral hand in bloodstained hand. It mostly ends well for them though, because I get pretty attached to them and apparently readers do too. ✍🏻 I love studying the craft of writing fiction, and absorbing art and entertainment media that inspires and challenges me, as I explore the possibilities of an ever-evolving creative process. 📚 The mainstream self-publishing industry and business of selling books don't align with how I want to focus my time and energy. Since writing isn't my job, I choose not to engage with those systems (and you wouldn't believe the sigh of relief that happened when I realised I could just…not) 💻 Instead of selling my books, I offer them as completely free downloads from my website,, with the option for readers to send me a tip here on Ko-fi if they would like to and can afford to. ☕ I've set the price of a coffee nice and low at only £2. While every tip is appreciated, if you'd prefer to send more you can change the number of coffees or type any money amount into the box. You can even set your tip to recur monthly, if you like (and cancel at any time, of course!)

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