A screen reader is a software which reads out contents on the computer or mobile device as speech or output as braille. People use screen readers usually because they have difficulty reading visual information on the screen, for example, people with a learning disability, illiterate or with varying levels of blindness. People with deafblindness may use a braille display paired with a screen reader and that may make the speed of reading slower. Images are a common and quick way to share information but images cannot be read by screen readers as the software can only read information in text. Providing information in text also allows for translations to other languages. Not only is conversion to text necessary but appropriate formatting will allow screen reader users to skip sections in order to get to what they need quickly. Having access to the full information on a menu allows a person to have independent control over the browsing process and leads to informed choice making in the ordering process. Join us to create inclusive customer experiences in your business. You can now buy me a coffee to make your menu accessible to screen reader users!

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