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Hi! I'm Yimi Jian. (also known as 密Meammy) I'm an artist. Your support can help me create more arts and stories.

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你好! 我是伊密,也可以直接稱呼我為「密」。 我會在這裡開始慢慢放一些和原創相關的圖和想法,目前主要是在玩(?)快樂公司,故事顧名思義就是圍繞在賣快樂的奇怪公司上。 ※底下影片是我為快樂公司編的實驗性曲子。 Hi! I am Yimi Jian, also known as Meammy. I am an artist. I draw creepy arts and also cute stuff sometimes. I used to draw fanarts a lot but now I decide to develop some of my original ideas as well. Right now, HAPPY Inc. will be the main project I'm going to do. I'll upload some related arts here. See more information on my personal website! You can see others projects I intend to do there. >> https://www.yimimeammy.com/ Also, btw the video below is an experimental theme I did for HAPPY INC. project.

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