You Brew Kombucha

I’m Angelica, and my goal is to make homemade kombucha available to the masses. I share totally free tips and tutorials on how to make it yourself through my website & YouTube channel. And even though kombucha brewing is fairly simple, it's hard to get started on the right foot without a foundation of solid facts. I hope YBK can be a helpful resource for you. If you find the info on my site helpful and would like to "buy me a coffee" (or let's be real...tea!), your donation would go a long way in supporting the costs of running my website, producing high-quality videos, and the costs of buying/testing materials as I share my learnings with everyone! Your support means a lot. Thank you! I’ll always be fully committed to sharing kombucha knowledge for free to the masses, so this is only for people who feel inclined, no pressure! 💕

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