[CURRENTLY KO-FI PAGE IS OFFLINE, BUT YOU CAN DONATE TO ME ON BUYMEACOFFEE FOR NOW] Hewwo! Welcome to my Ko-Fi page, where i will probably put stuff for supporters or just those that pass by >///< Always remember, I'm greatful to anybody that drops by and supports me, no matter if with money or just with time that they spend with me. So you're always welcome <3 Please make sure to check out fundraises that help Ukraine! I also fundraise now as a LGBTQIA+ rights initiative, FUR/HELP. FUR/HELP is a LGBTQIA+ rights initiative that helps furries from postsoviet countries and American trans lives escape persecution. We help with information, small financial aid and share the stories of those that need to be heard. Not only that, but we are a small team, that tries its best to assist those seeking asylum – find one.

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