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Writer and yuri lover. I write idols, magical girls, and lesbians. Sometimes all at once. Secretly a witch.

Hi, I'm Yurika and I write yuri fiction. Quite a lot of it, in fact. I specialise in light-hearted and fun stories with naughtiness and humour, and occasionally something a little weightier when the mood takes me.

My main works right now are Starlight, a magical girl story in a similar vein to Precure, and Aida, a far future sci-fi setting focusing on idols and idol culture (the Japanese type!). I also write articles talking about stories (analysis, critique, etc.), and writing tips for those just starting out.

If you enjoy what I write and would like to help me out, a coffee or two would go a long way towards alleviating my current money woes, mostly going towards helping me find a new place to live and all the costs involved with that.

Finding a new place to live. This goal will help towards admin fees, deposit, etc.

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