A new PC because mine is dead. ;//////////;

7% of goal

Unfortunately, I'm in a period of heavy financial issues and my PC, the only one I have and the one with which I work, is dead. I need a new one to get back to work, and I'm really in despair. u.u


Drawing is my passion, my job and my hobby, and I'm nothing without the love of my friends and supporters!

Hello darlings <3 Due to my hard situation and the need for a new PC, I will sketch something for you if you donate me at least 10 Ko-fis <3 Thank you so much for your help, I'm very grateful! ;////////; PS: While fiddling with the goal to just change the title, I messed up the amount you funded and now it shows 0% again. It was at the 4% anyway, but again I'm sorry for being so clumsy :(

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