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In 2012 Nigel Pickles (Ko-fi's founder) was looking for a way to thank an online creator who had helped with a project, saving a ton of time. All he could do was 'Like' the creator's content. It felt impersonal. "If only I could buy them a coffee to show appreciation". The idea for Ko-fi was born.

Since then over 400,000 creators choose Ko-fi as the free, fun and friendly way to ask for support from people who love their work. Ko-fi has helped all kinds of creators from illustrators to cosplayers receive over $10,000,000 to fund their passions.

Ko-fi doesn’t take a cut of donations. We fund the service via Ko-fi Gold Membership, an optional $6 monthly subscription.

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Ko-fi pages are the fee-free and ad-free way to receive small one-off donations from fans. Ko-fi Creators can:


A membership service

A $6 per month subscription to Ko-fi Gold unlocks the features creators need to build a membership service including:

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