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Joel & Lia
× 10,145 received
Video Creators
Ko-fi is the only platform we know of that charges 0% fees on donations. Because of Ko-fi we were able to buy better equipment to improve the quality of our videos!
Jay Swanson
× 2,768 received
I chose Ko-fi because 0% fees meant all of the money I raised to support coffee shops during lockdown went straight to them!
On Second Watch
× 100 received
I finally have a one stop shop for donations, subscriptions, selling swag, offering commissions, and sharing my passion with the world!
× 272 received
Thanks to my Ko‑fi supporters I can now build a closer relationship with people who enjoy what I do and afford to spend more time doing what I love
× 118 received
With Ko-fi donations I was able to create an artbook collection I always wanted to have. It keeps on growing and inspiring me.

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Create your Ko-fi page and start accepting donations in just 60 seconds. Grow your income by opening your free Ko-fi Shop, offering subscriptions or selling commissions and services.

Do it all from your single, beautiful Ko-fi page.

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Ko-fi is the original, fun and friendly way to receive donations and messages of support from fans of what you do!

Use it as a tip jar, let fans contribute towards your goal and even receive donation alerts while you stream.

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Open your Ko-fi Shop and add your first digital or physical product in just 60 seconds.

No listing fees, no website to set up, just share your link and start making sales!

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Build a Monthly Income

Let fans subscribe to you directly and build a regular income from your creative work.

Reward your subscribers with exclusive content like posts, images and videos.

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Offer Commissions and Services

Start for free!

Build a menu of creative commissions or offer personalized services like a custom tutorial or a video chat!

Control available slots, offer add-ons and get paid directly into your PayPal or Stripe account.

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Donations icon Get Paid Directly 0% platform fees. Donations go directly to your PayPal or Stripe account.
Messages of Support Receive messages of encouragement from your supporters.
Ko-fi Stream Alerts Stream Alerts Get donation messages while you stream on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook.
Goals Set a support target and encourage fans to contribute to achieve it!
Posts Share your creative journey with blog posts, videos and audio clips.
Ko-fi Rewards Rewards Let supporters and subscribers unlock exclusive content.
Ko-fi Commissions Commissions & Services Let fans buy unique work or pay for direct access to you.
Subscriptions Make a regular, reliable income from your work.
Supporter-Only Content Make some content only available to supporters or subscribers.
WordPress Plugin Add your Ko-fi button to any WordPress widget area, page or post.
Gallery Create a portfolio of your best work and share your creative process.
Ko-fi Shop Shop Sell digital and physical products with just a link.

Instantly and directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. We take 0% fees from donations and we don't hold onto your money, it goes directly from your supporter to you. Simple!

Unlike pretty much everyone else, we don't take a cut from your donations! Premium features like Subscriptions, Ko-fi Shop and Commissions can either be paid for via a small subscription to Ko-fi Gold or a low 5% transaction fee. You decide.

Not at all! We do love coffee, but it's just a friendly metaphor. So many creators have told us it's just much nicer to ask fans to "buy a coffee" than just "donate" to support your work. You can also change "coffee" to something else if you like.

Start making an income on Ko-fi regardless of how big your audience is. Thousands of creators make their first money on Ko-fi and some have earned more than $100k in donations alone!

Patreon is great if you're at a point where your audience are prepared to support you monthly and you can commit to create lots of new content for multiple tiers every month. Creators tell us Ko-fi is a simpler, lower pressure alternative to Patreon and many Patreon creators earn more on Ko-fi than they did on Patreon!

We're built and owned by creators since 2012. We're not funded by venture capitalists pushing for the next $1b or bust companies. We've passionately grown Ko-fi to 500k creators by focusing on what creators need not what outside funders want.

You can take donations or payments in most currencies, but you can save on any currency conversion fees and receive support directly by choosing a base currency of USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUS, IRD, YEN or THB.

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