Ovi @ 0x0v1.com

This page is set up so you can support me financially by a one time donation or monthly support. I am Ovi and I am an security researcher. As an researcher who works entirely within the non-profit sector, I rely on grants and donations to fund my work, since I have no affiliation or employment with a corporation. By supporting me, you help me continue to produce the research I am putting out. My work centralizes around exposing corporate injustices, attacks to citizens by hostile governments and decentralization. I stand by the values of the cypherpunk’s manifesto in creating anonymous transaction systems and protecting our right to privacy. I am curious and passionate about exploring human rights, privacy, open society, open-source, open-protocol and commons. I believe that hacking has the power to change the digital landscape for the people; true hackers, those who are driven by the pursuit of justice, freedom and human rights - have the power to expose the vulnerabilities of oppressive systems and ignite a revolution of change. I am entirely independent, and I do not work for corporations. My work is either exclusively created by me for the betterment of society, or in collaboration with non-profit human/digital rights groups.

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