What makes Ko-fi different?

0-5% Fees on donations We don’t take a cut of your donations. Connect your PayPal or Stripe account and receive donations directly from supporters with no added fees from us.
Everything you need Share your work, receive donations, sell memberships, products or commissions and even set a crowdfunding goal all from one place.
Low pressure Ko-fi is a friendly way to earn an income. Start with a free tip jar for what you’re already creating and offer supporters more whenever you like!

Who uses Ko-fi?

Artists, Writers, Podcasters, and all kinds of creators use Ko-fi. It can be a simple tip-jar, a place to build a membership community or a super-easy way to sell products and commissions with just a link! Ko-fi is for anyone who wants to start making an income directly from fans.
Creator Avatar
Avi Schiffmann
I will use Ko-fi on every project I can because it’s just a really smart, friendly way to make an income.
Video Creators
What attracted me to Ko-fi was how friendly the platform felt and how easy it was to set up my page. It took minutes!
I love the versatility of support on Ko-fi, whether you subscribe or send a one-off tip you can still access the exclusive content I share.
I miss my cafe
Ko-fi offered the perfect opportunity for our visitors to help us keep the website going!
Mofumanju ♥
I have been using Ko-fi for two years now and it's been the best choice I've ever taken! It saved me so many times in moments of need.

Explore how Ko-fi works

Get Started - It’s Fast, Easy & Free

Create your free page and share it with your fans to start receiving donations (roughly the price of a coffee). We don’t take a fee on your donations and you get paid directly!

Ko-fi Gallery
Give Your Biggest Supporters a Home

Show off your best work in your Gallery and post exclusive content for supporters. Receive donations and monthly memberships, sell products and offer commissions all in one place.

Ko-fi Shoutout
Ask for Support - You Deserve it!

Give fans a way to support you financially and share a message of encouragement. They can donate the price of a coffee or make bigger contributions towards your crowdfunding goal.

Ko-fi membership tiers
Build a Reliable Membership Income

Earn a recurring income by offering Memberships. Reward your community members with exclusive content, access to your creative process and automatically assign Discord roles.

Ko-fi direct messaging
Keep Track of Your Supporters

Message supporters directly and keep track of everyone supporting your work. Message new subscribers directly and export your data any time you like.

Earn While You Stream

Create custom alerts to celebrate donations while you’re streaming. Choose the color, sound, message and call to action that suits you.

Ko-fi embeddable widgets
Monetize Your Site or Blog

Add a Ko-fi button, donation widget or panel directly to your own website or blog. Let visitors support you without leaving your site.

Ko-fi shop
Sell With Just a Link

Add a digital or physical product in just a few clicks. No complicated setup, no listing fees. Just share your link to start making sales!

Offer Unique Commissions and Services

Turn what you do into a service. Offer supporters one-on-one advice, custom artwork or let fans request a video message from you. Limit the slots you have, offer add-ons and message buyers to update them on progress.

Claim your page
It only takes a minute to create your page and start receiving donations and support!
Start your page
All the features you need
Donations icon Get Paid Directly Instant donations with Stripe or PayPal
Direct Messages Engage with your supporters
Gallery Show your best work
Goals Crowdfund creative expenses
Posts Share your work and process
Ko-fi Rewards Rewards Give something back to supporters
Ko-fi Commissions Commissions Let fans buy unique work
Memberships Make a monthly income
Paywall Offer exclusive content
Integrations Connect to Discord, Zapier and more
Ko-fi Stream Alerts Stream Alerts In-stream donation messages
Ko-fi Shop Shop Sell digital and physical products
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