The Friendly way to Fund Your Passions

Ko-fi's a friendly way to ask fans to support your work for the price of a coffee. Coffee's just a metaphor (You don’t have to buy actual coffee!).

Get Paid Directly

We don’t charge a fee on your donations. You get paid instantly from fans, directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. No waiting around to get your money!


Reach Your Goals

Create a fundraising goal and tell your fans what you'll do with the money. Supporters can leave messages of support and celebrate your progress.

The Ko-fi Story

In 2012 Nigel Pickles (Ko-fi's founder) wanted to thank a creator who had helped with a project. All he could do was 'Like' the content. It felt impersonal. "If only I could buy them a coffee as a thanks". The idea for Ko-fi was born.

Since then, Ko-fi has helped creators receive over $23 million to fund their passions.


Show Your Best Work

Upload images to your Gallery and create Posts with links and videos to share your best work. Your supporters and followers get notified when you add new content and with Ko-fi Gold you can reward supporters with exclusive content.


Take Commissions

With Ko-fi Commissions fans can buy unique, original work just for them. Ko-fi Commissions is part of Ko-fi Gold

  • Create a menu of commission options

  • Show available slots

  • Set your terms and get paid upfront


Offer Subscriptions

Make a monthly income from subscribers to your Ko-fi page. Subscriptions are part of Ko-fi Gold

  • Receive monthly payments

  • Take subscriptions in Stripe or PayPal

  • Reward subscribers with exclusive content

  • Get started

$23 Million Paid to Creators!

Join 600K creators getting paid instantly and directly from fans. No platform fees!

Donations, Subscriptions and Commissions

Keep creative freedom and make money however suits you. No schedules to keep and you will always own your content.


Receive donations directly from your fans with 0% platform fees.


Let fans buy unique, original work just for them.


Make a monthly income and reward subscribers with exclusive content.

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