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artist, pretty boy connoisseur, and local impulsive micro-transactions victim.

Currently studying Illustration at the expensive coffee central of San Francisco.

Thank you for your support! This will go towards actual coffee (and probably student loan stuff LOL)

The sketch promotion is over, but I am still offering them at regular price now if you're interested!
Headshot/Bust: 5 kofis
Half Body: 10 kofis
Full Body: 14 kofis
These are more rough lineart commissions than they are thank you sketches, so they won't have the message scrawled onto them and feel free to give me as much reference/dictate as much of what you want as you please :) Pose references and alt outfit refs are also welcomed!
No tanks or drg armor please.

wow those sure are student loans

2% of goal

Every coffee counts!

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