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The Piano Witch 🔮🎶 Download & stream my debut mini-album, MAJOR ARCANA: CHAPTER I 💕👇

Hello and welcome to my Ko-fi page 🎶 If you like my YouTube videos, please consider supporting my work with a Milk Tea 💖 In 2019, your donations helped me fund the release of my debut album and a collection of my arrangements 🎹 Thank you so much! 🙏 For every Milk Tea, you can request one of the piano scores from my personal collection of sheet music I created over the years (see Latest Posts for the full list of 40+ available scores). Right after your donation, you will receive an automated email from Ko-fi with a link to the Google Form where you can select the score(s) you are interested in. Send me an email (finanwenpiano @ gmail) if you have any issues or haven't received the link. You can subscribe to my newsletter, download/stream my original music, and check out my other offerings here: https://linktr.ee/finanwen 🎶 Thank you so much for your support and enjoy the music 💖

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