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I'm a YA writer and MFA student, I worked on Round Robin Writes, a passion bookish project for three years and now am a writer and podcast host at Booked All Night ( I'm also a huge lover of coffee. Coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee at midnight when my deadlines are coming. So much coffee.

Magdalyn Ann:
Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Magdalyn Ann--a writer, student, photographer and all around coffee lover. I'm trying to keep myself afloat through grad school and while trying to sell my YA books and keep Round Robin Writes alive. I write, design, market and manage the Twitter for RRW, as well as help mentor and edit for the Teen Lit by Teens team, a group of 3+ 14-17 year old writers. Donations will help keep my personal website,, and, running for another day.

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