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I'm a mess. A game designer, musician, writer... artist in many ways with goals to travel and share an adventure. I am the co-founder of Stray Cat Studios.

Codey Cross
I have dedicated most of the last decade to art and music. Rarely doing fan art or covers, I push to create new original work on a regular basis, and I love doing so! But life really knows how to get in the way, and I find myself having to take myself out of art and music more and more to try and make a living. I do not want a lot; my van/home with wifi and a cup of coffee would suffice. I hope to create work that inspires others and if you feel I have, I appreciate the support so that I may continue doing so! Just as importantly, I want to interact with all of you! Please feel free to message me about anything and everything! I make video games, music, art, stories... we have something to talk about I'm sure.

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