Greetings! Im a Beginner Artist who will be going off to uni soon to Pursue a Course in Game art and Design. If you Like my Art and want to Support a Small Artist consider leaving a tip! ;P KoFi - Mmissions! These are small commissions im offering on the side if you cant afford a full commission off of me! These consist of Head and Bust Rough Line Arts of any characters or Oc's of your Choice! Rules Rules: we all hate them but read them! -While Donating Write what you want to Get! [Detail is Important Guy's!] -For more Detail on this I Recommend that you contact me through one of my social media's [especially if you want to provide refs] -If you want Something Slightly more Not-Safe-For-Warlock's I URGE YOU to Contact me First! [i wont do full N-S-F-W] -I will be posting this to my Social Media's [unless you Specifically say not 2. please Provide an @ so i can @ you] -This is not a Physical Object, you will ONLY recieve a Digital Product -I have the Right to Refuse something im not Comfortable drawing [hence why you should contact me if your unsure] Kofi Mmission Types/Costs: -2 Kofi's = A head shot [$6 Roughly £4] -3 Kofi's = A Bust [$9 Roughly £7] -5 Kofi's for a Full Colored Bust [$15 Roughly £11] + 1 Kofi for complicated Work [Extreme Tattoo's/ markings ect] + double to Kofis for another Character [You can Pay for other Commission's using Kofi, ill Translate it to a Certain Amount of Kofi's] Find Me: Tumblr: https://oldserah.tumblr.com/tagged/myart Twitter: https://twitter.com/OldSerah Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldserah/ Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEjgQhECn3dAXLFnND1ZBxw Pateron: N/A [im redoing this] [im currently updating some of these]

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