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Nerd princess spreading the good word! Bylines at Crunchyroll, VRV, Sartorial Geek, and We Are Cult, with more coming soon.


* Associates of Sherlock Holmes (contributor)
* City of the Saved (multiple contributions)
* Owl's Flower (co-created with Ginger Hoesly)
* The Perennial Miss Wildthyme (contributor)
* Seasons of War: Gallifrey (co-written with Paul Driscoll)

Kara Dennison
Thank you so much for dropping by! I know it can be difficult to choose where to put your cash when it comes to Patreons and Ko-fis and crowdfunding, so I appreciate you giving me a look.

I'm a freelancer working for multiple news sites and events companies, while also publishing fiction and scholarly writings. You can find my work everywhere from Crunchyroll to Titan Books. And that's something I want to keep doing.

How will an occasional Ko-fi help me?

BUSINESS NEEDS: Hardware and software updates, as well as buying and licensing new programs to continue creating great content.

TRAVEL EXPENSES: Footing the bill both to events and abroad so I can continue to speak at events.

SELF-PUBLISHING: Up-front investing in quality print volumes that can then go on sale to both new and existing readers.

HOUSEHOLD NEEDS: I'm living with my grandfather and four pets. Even with my freelance work, every little bit helps.

TEA: Because come on.

Help me reach my first hundred to unlock new content, and tell your friends!

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