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Thank you for coming to visit my Ko-Fi page! :D This Ko-Fi page was created to help finance my art endeavors and help produce my webcomic, Naevorlis! By tipping and supporting me via Ko-Fi, you will have access to some of the behind the scenes works and get special Discord privileges and roles on my Discord server! ✨About Naevorlis:✨ ------------------------ Long ago, a god descended into the mortal realm, singing the song of creation, creating the stars, planets, and galaxies that would fill the universe. He descended upon one planet naming it Naevorlis, becoming its ruler and protector. For a time there was peace before the god's children, the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light, warred with one another. The God of Creation then sealed the two gods away before he himself vanished from mortal eyes. Now in the present, a man who has mastery over the powers of darkness seeks to find this God of Creation and kill him for his power. Tied to this madman is a young teenager named Shrukan whose past he cannot recall. Shrukan's ultimate fate will be revealed… 💜Supporting me:💜 ----------------------- You can help support me in several ways: - Like, Share, and comment on my content on social media. - Tipping via Ko-Fi or via StreamElements during streams. - Subscribing to me on Twitch - Subscribing via Patreon/Ko-Fi. - Purchasing products from my art shop! :D I hope you enjoy my content! Thank you for the support!!

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