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I work on my own original manga series at and I work on artwork for it. Currently unemployed but looking for work. Donations are greatly appreciated, though not needed, if you like my work. Think of it as a $3 tip to me. :)

Thank you for coming to visit my Ko-Fi page! :D

Please read this only:
1) Needing help for me and mom to find our own place or help rent this house by ourselves. Anything helps! <3

2) Am in need of funds to help my friend in jail who is having mental trauma issues. Please commission or donate in order to help me have money to pay to get phone minutes for him to talk to people while in jail. DM me on Twitter ( @xizagarx ) for more information on the commissions!

Outdated for now:
For every donation I receive, I'll do a quick sketch of whatever the person requests (please give me references!). As I am a busy person working on my own projects, I sadly cannot do more than sketches for now! But I'll come and make them at a gradual pace!

✨ CURRENTLY I am trying to save to get a house and hope I can do so! This is to help me and my friend to better our lives and a house would be better because of rules and regulations for both apartments and trailer park. Would appreciate the help! ✨

Thank you for donating and helping me! I appreciate it!

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