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I am a self-taught artist who dabbles in more different media than I can count! My favorites are however watercolors, colored pencils, and markers :D

Hey everyone!
My name is Michelle, but I am more commonly known as Anori or Anori-chan here on the internet!
I draw a lot, make YouTube videos of off these drawings, and I am working on creating lots of different content to post here, on Instagram, Youtube etc.!
I eventually would also love to start making a comic! Actually got one in the works, yay!

I made a Ko-fi account because I for one, really enjoy coffee! Second of all, support from here will help me out in terms of purchasing art supplies so I can make more drawings, inks, so I can print these, and so on and so forth!

- Buy one coffee, and you'll have my most heartfelt gratitude, yay!

- Buy three coffees, and I'll sketch you a character! (remember to add a username of some sort so I can tag you on social media!)

I am still working out, how this should work, but in either case, every little bit helps, and gives me the energy to keep going!

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