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Who am I? Why I'm AmberFrmThVault! The twitter (non)sensation making the (non)world famous comic Rads Of Our Lives and (totally not) super popular gameplay videos over on YouTube!

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AmberFrmThVault says:
Hey guys! Thank you so much for hanging out with me on Twitter and Youtube! If you've watched my videos you know that my microphone is a bit crappy and I would LOVE to be able to get a new one that picks up my oh so melodic voice better when I scream motherfucker! If you have the means and would like to help consider donating to me here! If you're looking for something more substantiative and would like to help sponsor me monthly check me out at!

Did I mention that if you donate AND leave a message that message will appear as a comment on a future volume of rads of our lives? I DID NOW!

THANK YOU! You guys really are the best!
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