Finish My Halloween Costume!

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I want to finish my Halloween costume! Yes, it's VERY expensive, but sooo worth it... you'll see!


I am indeed a wunk (half-wolf half-skunk) from the future. I used to strive for a wonderful life, and instead, I got a whole world. I program computers, sometimes draw, design games, write stories and tutorials, build sites, make videos, stream Let's Plays, am a fountainhead of ideas, and build shit. Buy me a coffee will ya and be part of my world.

Asher Wolfstein
I am currently a skilled very creative programmer, artist, and future vlogger who can command computers to do my bidding. I taught myself how to do everything I know how to do, and could really use any extra support and encouragement I can get! Donations will literally be used to buy coffee. Yeah. I buy a LOT of coffee.

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