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Hi, I am LynneSuzuran, the owner of Convallaria's Library!
Convallaria's Library contains my original series and my translations of Japanese web novels.
Feel free to visit my site, read the series there, drop some comments, and spread the love! I hope you will enjoy all my works! ^^

The donation given from ko-fi will be used for my coffee budget to stay up late doing the translation! In other words, it will be a great motivation for me to translate/write more~

The amount given will also be added to the sponsored chapter budget, so make sure to drop a note to specify which title is your coffee donation for! If it's for original series, feel free to reach me in case you'd like to get some kind of rewards! If you don't really care about it, thanks a lot and I will try to pump out more chapters in exchange ^^

Thank you very much for your support!

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