Monthly goal: For internet upgrades

19% of goal

Hiyo my name is Mharz and I create art stuffs like comics. Also doing random drawing tips here and there. I'm Currently running two comics. Every support will help me focus more on my projects. Thank you! Check out my webcomics here:

I'm gonna turn my ko-fi as some kind of an extra quick commission page. For $3 you can get a bust sketch of any character you want. I will set a monthly goal here. If I'm able to make certain amount here per month for a couple of months, I can upgrade my facilities firstly my internet speed so I can do livestreams and be able to sketch live. I'm gonna push it more than patreon probably because it's giving me anxiety when I see patrons declining/deleting pledge. But on ko-fi you only have to do it one time and it's up to you if you want to give me more tips and I will commit to what you have given accordingly. I believe this will be less pressure for me.

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